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Clean, clear water has never been easier
Water sediment filtration for residential
commercial and industrial applications
Honeywell F76 Water Filter
6000 ₪
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מפרט טכני
Honeywell model F76 filters provide 'state of the art' filtration for liquid flows up to 100 gpm. By a unique internal valve and suction dirt collector arrangement, they deliver true 'reverse flow' filtration during the backwash cycle - the most efficient flushing system possible. Stainless screen sizes are available from 200 to 20 micron (70 to 900 mesh). Standard model includes a manual flushing valve, however an automatic DP/Timed system is available. See adder below. With the auto flush system, the filter will flush on high DP with a timed backup flush. Designed and crafted using German engineering and QC, this filter is truly the Mercedes of small filters.

Typical Applications
  • Private wells
  • Municipal water
  • Lake water
  • Process water
  • Protection of pumps, valves, sensors
  • Drinking fountains
  • Soda vending machines
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